Opossum Odor

There is nothing worse than smelling a wild animal after you have successfully managed to get rid of it from your home, but this is usually the case with a lot of animals, especially when you have to take into consideration things like the opossum urine smell, which can linger for a long time after the animal has been removed. You will smell the opossum urine smell before you see it usually; it has quite a scent to it. However, you may notice the brown stained patches. These can happen in anywhere that the animal has inhabited, and there have even been signs of the urine actually leaking through the ceiling to create dark stains, especially with animals that have been successfully living in an attic.

One of the best things that you can do if you have noticed the staining or the smell associated with the opossum urine, is to call a wildlife professional. This may prove to be expensive but at the same time, you can guarantee that the job is done properly and efficiently. This is very much so the case because the urine of the opossum can contaminate specific areas within your home and cause disease to spread; some of which can be particularly nasty to both household pets and humans.

Here are tips to follow to remove the smell of opossums:


When you know that you have opossums or other creatures living in your attic or basement, this is where you should start the search. Sniff the air and follow the scent to the area where it is strongest. Most people can tell what room smells the strongest and where in the room the smell is coming from. If the scent trail leads you to an area that is inaccessible, such as a wall void or under floorboards, you may want to call in a professional. Failure to remove the dead animal can lead to secondary infestations of flies, maggots, carrion beetles, carpet beetles or roaches.


If you are able to remove the animal carcass, you will be able to eliminate the odor quickly by using odor elimination products that utilize enzymes to break down the offending odor carrying molecules. These products should be sprayed onto the area (or as close to the area as possible) where the odor originated from to be effective. You can also use odor remover bags, these bags are simply hung up in smelly rooms and as the air in the room passes through the bag, the odor is removed.


If you are unsuccessful in removing the animal carcass there are steps that you can take to control the odor until the decomposition process is complete. 

You may consider installing a metered misting device. You can choose from several different scents and it automatically dispenses the air freshener every 15 minutes. When deciding what odor control products to use consider the size of the animal in question. The larger the animal is, the stronger the smell will be and the longer the odor will linger. Using a combination of products is usually the best route to achieve relief.

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